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 Credit Restoration 

 From start to finish we prepare all your documents for you. We have extensive knowledge of the        Credit Scoring System along with vast experience in holding Creditors, Credit Reporting Agencies    and Debt Collectors accountable to the law.  It may be difficult for an individual to communicate    with these organizations without an adept understanding of their tactics, techniques and regulations.  We have spent a great deal of time learning the laws that get negative, inaccurate and unverified      information removed from your credit report.  This enables us to offer you a 100%, money back  guarantee. 


 Consumer and Business Debt Resolution

 Whether your needs are corporate or personal, ISI Financial's professionals can assist you in sorting  out the different options available for Consumer Debt Resolution or Business Debt Arbitration. We use  comprehensive methods that involve the use of the Fair Debt Collections and Fair Credit Billing Act to  help you deal with your debt. 


 Estate and Trust Planning

 Trusts are not only for the wealthy. Many young parents with limited assets choose to create trusts  for the benefit of their children in case both parents die before all  their children have reached an age  deemed by the parents to indicate sufficient maturity to handle property (which often is older than  the age of majority under state law). Trusts permits assets to be held as a single undivided fund to be  used for the support and education of minor  children according to their respective needs,  with  eventual division of the trust among the children when the youngest has reached a specified age.  This type of arrangement has an obvious advantage over an inflexible division of property among  children of different ages without regard to their level of maturity or individual needs at the time of  such distribution.


 Entity Selection and Restructuring

 Corporations and LLCs are both separate legal entities (business structures) that enjoy certain  protections under the law and provide significant tax benefits. The majority of people form a legal  business structure to build business credit and protect their personal assets. The benefits to  incorporating or forming a Limited Liability  Company (LLC) allow you to manage your business  without worrying about losing your home, car, or personal savings because of a business liability.

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